Gorillaz – Humility, animated by The Line Animation

The new music video by Gorillaz features some excellent animation work by the London-based The Line Animation. We highly encourage you to check out some of their other works on their website as well; everything they do oozes style. Their intro for what they call ‘the best TV show that never was’ is bound to […]

Coming Up: Another Day of Life

Another Day of Life, a production by Platige Image(Poland) and Kanaki Films (Spain) made waves at this year’s Cannes Festival. This feature film is based on a three-month trip of Polish author/journalist Ryszard Kapuściński, for which he had written a book under the same name. There is an interview over at We Love Budapest about […]

Welcome to the new Junction Shark!

We’re relaunching the Junction Shark website as a hub for all things related to European animation. We used to be a studio, but as I (the director) will be starting my University course this September at Ravensbourne in London, we will – as a company – step back from creative work. But this doesn’t mean […]